Arts and Sciences (also Engineering and Computer Science)

  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, USA
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, USA
  • SB, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Teaching Statement

I was inspired to pursue an engineering career before returning to academe several years ago by professors who brought practical examples of how the topics they taught worked in the real world. In the quantitative methods, computer science, discrete math, and particularly the data mining class I teach, I try to motivate my students by sharing examples of how these subjects apply to their life beyond college. I am also passionate about introducing students to the open source software that enable them to compete globally even though they may not have the means to purchase expensive software packages used in colleges of the global north. Lastly, I am excited to be teaching at a college that is giving its students practical experience in acting ethically and holding each other to a high standard through the Honor Code. Only through a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders will Africa take its rightful place in the world, so what we do here is vitally important!

Courses taught at Ashesi University: Quantitative Methods (A&S); Statistics (A&S); Discrete Mathematics (CS); Introduction to CS/Programming One (CS) 

Research Statement

Research areas of interest derive from my background in industry and include quality management and data mining. I am interested in using mobile phones as road surveillance in the African context. I am part of an interdisciplinary team conducting a longitudinal study of the economic and social impacts of Ashesi University on the surrounding community.