A University Without Borders

As Ashesi grows, we continue to work with partners across the world to expand our reach and our impact. Our collaborations span programmes in pedagogy and education management; entrepreneurship; and youth development. Together, we are working to drive growth and transformation in Africa. Here are some of the ways in which you connect with Ashesi today.

The Ashesi Innovation Experience
The Ashesi Innovation Experience (AIX) is an intense and exciting two-week enrichment program for senior high school students. AIX expands the vision and broadens the aims of students, inspires them, challenges them, and equips them with concrete skills for the 21st Century: leadership, design thinking, entrepreneurship, robotics, and engineering.
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The Education Collaborative
With a vision of African universities leading the continent's renaissance, we are reaching out to colleagues and partners across the world to build an idea-sharing platform; one where university leaders, faculty and stakeholders can collaborate to harness best practices in teaching, management and research.
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Ashesi-Dartmouth Engineering Project
The Ashesi-Dartmouth Engineering Project (ADEPT) is a new learning program being offered by the Thayer School of Engineering, in collaboration with Ashesi University of Ghana, West Africa.The program will offer Ashesi students and Dartmouth undergraduates an engaging, hands-on learning experience in developing solutions to real-world problems. 
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The Ghana Climate Innovation Centre
Funded through a grant from the World Bank Group and partners, the Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) is a green project incubation hub where entrepreneurs can access support to develop climate smart ideas into strong and viable businesses. 
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10 Academy Bootcamp
10 Academy is an intensive post-graduate programme which will identify, train and launch high potential young African university graduates (10 Academy Fellows) into careers where they have the opportunity to have extraordinarily large (10x) impact. The pilot edition will take place on Ashesi's campus in July 2017, with students from across Africa.
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Global Citizenship Conference 2017
The Global Citizenship Conference (GCC) is a unique event that provides tools and resources to promote global citizenship as a way to work together to solve today's challenges around the world. The conference convenes about 100 Melton Fellows, faculty from participating universities, and leading Global Citizenship advocates, practitioners, and experts for community, learning and outreach.
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