What is Ashesi D:lab?

The Ashesi Design Lab is an initiative which combines the concepts of design thinking and design making; design thinking or strategy design for problem-solving, and design making or fabrication for making things more tangible and building out the creative outcomes of the different processes involved in both concepts. The Ashesi D: Lab started work in September 2015.

Why Ashesi D:Lab?

In leveraging design thinking in business innovation, the D: Lab focuses on assisting students and faculty of the University as well as corporate bodies with a variety of innovation projects in fields of business, society, and policy such as health, energy, food and agriculture to name a few. We do this through the D: Lab Fellows program which engages the Ashesi community in capacity-building in design thinking and the D: Lab Consult which offers high strategic value to corporate clients and design experience to students through collaborative work on projects. These two programs are supported by the D: Lab Storytelling (sensemaking and visualization) and D: Lab FabHub (Fabrication).

The Ashesi D:lab Team

Dr. Gordon Adomdza, Lead
Yaw Dankwa Osseo-Asare, Chief Maker
Theodore Philip Asare, Design Thinking Coordinator
Carl Yao Agbenyega, Design Making Coordinator