The kind of experience students have at Ashesi is theirs to choose. From top to bottom, Ashesi’s campus life is brimming with excitement, creativity and collaboration; students who choose to engage fully get the best value from their time here. Students have access to a wide variety of opportunities that bring energy to their learning, on and off campus, in Ghana and abroad. For students who do not find opportunities that match their interests, Ashesi’s supportive environment allows them to create their own.

A Student Owned Campus
Our campus life is owned and managed by students themselves. The student leadership, known as the Ashesi Student Council (ASC), collaborates deeply with the Office of Student and Community Affairs to enhance the student experience and support student-led initiatives. The student council also manages its own funds, with oversight from university administration, and gets to determine spending according to its own needs and priorities.

Growing Diversity in Clubs & Activities
Ashesi has many clubs and societies that aim to further unique student interests; from the Ashesi Business Club which focuses on preparing students to engage in the world of business, to the Kingdom Christian Fellowship which is the largest non-denominational Christian group on campus, to the Photography club, an energetic team of creatives, clubs at Ashesi continue to expand their impact.

A Pan-African Campus
Students and faculty come from all over Africa and beyond, making our campus one of the most diverse in West Africa. Our growing list of study abroad programmes and global learning opportunities also help expand the reach of Ashesi’s education. Our small, intimate university community also means that students get to build strong relationships with their classmates and have a lifetime network of support all over the world by the time they graduate.

Report Problems

You are our eyes and ears. If you see something broken or malfunctioning, please report it immediately.


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