Office of Student and Community Affairs

The Office of Student and Community Affairs provides guidance in career and personal development, health and well-being, and service and leadership. Students are exposed to the life skills that will help them to navigate adulthood, academia and professional life. In the Ashesi community, choices are handed over to students, and they are encouraged to take personal responsibility for, and ownership of decisions and outcomes.

Abdul Mahdi
Dean of Students and Community Affairs

The opportunity to help students get involved in the community, to do well in their classes, seeing them graduate, and seeing them realize their goals - that is what excites me about the position. I look forward to learning and growing with all of them. 



Torwomenye Kwasi Azaglo
Associate Dean of Students and Community Affairs

I believe all young people regardless of their circumstances can lead change in their communities. I am passionate about equipping students with experiences to build their character and become responsible adults beyond Ashesi. I encourage a vibrant student life, full of fun, learning and happiness. 


Diane Davis
Director of Counselling and Coaching

I am excited about working with students to demystify myths about mental health. Your well-being is essentially and linked in many important ways to mental health, and talking about it should be as normal as going to the library.   





Jude Acquaah
Outreach and Experiential Programs Manager

Our students gain tremendous skills and knowledge from Ashesi. They also engage in a lot of conversations about making a difference. I work with students to support them apply their skills to make an impact – right here, right at Ashesi and in surrounding communties. This is a lot of fun! It’s a privilege I cherish.


Antoinette Doku
Assistant Dean of Students and Community Affairs

 I’m excited about working with students to develop their talents and passions while here at Ashesi and beyond. Daily, I look forward to pushing them towards taking ownership of being responsible citizens for their communities.