What the library asks of users

University libraries all over the world are classified as the ‘heart’ of the university system and are intended for serious academic work. Ashesi University College is a unique private university in Ghana and its library is and should be a model for other institutional libraries. As such, we ask users to respect each other and what the library stands for within Ashesi to make it better place for serious study and research.

The purpose of these guidelines is to safeguard the common interest of all library users. All persons are admitted to the library with the understanding they have read and agreed to observe the following rules.

Reading and consultation

  1. Users are allowed to consult or borrow all available documentation within the library. Books may be checked out of the library, except in cases 2 and 3 below.
  2. Materials in the ‘Reserve’ section can only be used inside the library, and must not be taken out of the library. To use reserved materials, patrons are required to present and leave their ID cards at the circulation counter. ID cards will be returned to users upon the return of reserve material. Each user is eligible to consult reserve materials for a maximum of 3 hours if another user has requested the same materials.
  3. Reference documents, namely: annual publications, bibliographies, statistics, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, almanacs, atlases, maps, students’ theses/dissertations and serial publications can only be viewed within the library.


  1. For most courses, there is at least one textbook which is loaned to students.
  2. Students are responsible for looking after the textbooks that have been issued to them. Damages and loss will have to be paid for.
  3. At the end of the semester, all textbooks issued should be returned on time, so that others may similarly benefit.


  1. Unless otherwise authorized in writing by the librarian, the maximum number of books that can be checked out at the same time are as follows:
    Faculty ->  Any number
    Students -> 2 Items
    Staff -> 3 Items
  2. Borrowers are responsible for returning books on or before the end of the following specified periods, unless special authorization is given
    Faculty -> 30 days
    Students -> 5 days
    Staff -> 5 days
  3. A fine of GH¢0.50 per item will be charged for every working day past the due date of borrowed items. Remember: you can renew material – in person, by email or by phone. If you keep material for too long, someone else will be inconvenienced.
  4. Users may reserve books and other items at the circulation counter, and will be informed of availability by e-mail.
  5. Please don't lend materials to third parties. You are responsible for all items that you borrow.

Conduct in the library

  1. Do respect the rights of others using the Library, and treat others as you would like to be treated.
  2. Some users wish to study in a quiet environment, while others may wish to work in groups. This is not the place for a loud group discussion or for music which everyone can hear. If you wish to listen to music and/or play games, please use headphones so that others are not distracted.
  3. All buildings in Ashesi are no-smoking zones. There are canteens for food and drinks, so please do not bring them into the library, as they are potentially messy and smelly
  4. Mobile phones are part of our lives, but turn them off, on vibrate or silent, so as not to inconvenience others.
  5. Please do leave your bags on the shelves downstairs. If you take your laptop bag into the Library with you, we do reserve the right to check inside before you leave the premises.
  6. The library reserves the right to suspend the future privileges of users who do not follow library guidelines/rules and ignore verbal warnings from the library staff. Prior to such suspension, the library will issue a warning in writing (via e-mail) and will also notify relevant Deans and the student council.
  7. Any cases related to theft and vandalism will be referred to judicial committee.

Library Office Hours

Regular semester hours

Monday - Thursday:
08.00 - midnight (GMT)

08.00 - 22.00 (GMT)

09.00 - 22.00 (GMT)

14.00 - midnight (GMT)