2011 CS and MIS students executed a variety of research and applied project as part of their capstone project. Through these projects, the students tried to address the application of technology to solve diverse issues in education, health, economics, social and business.




Hotel Management System

Wilson Ndlovu  

This is a web application that helps hotel staff administer hotel day to day activities on an online platform. The project is aimed at facilitating hotel management such as reservations, check in, check out as well as the financial parts of the hotel (Which calculate revenues for a given period of time to help make better decisions). The Guest also have the chance to place their reservation online.

The application will be able to record the rooms that are vacant, occupied, clean, out-of-order etc. on a daily basis. A search could be done to check the state of the hotel rooms and any given date (past and future).



Helpwriters System

Tsegah, Delali Kojo

This project involves creating a web-based tool that facilitates supportive critical feedback of written work produced by student authors, reviewed by remote reviewers, with the process typically guided by and educator guide.

The project is ultimately aimed at improving the writing skills of student authors



Exploring the use of cellphones as a platform for community healthcare delivery

Gyane Emmanuel

The development in the use of mobile phones especially in Africa reveals that, the fast growth of the telecommunications environment and businesses are transforming steadily mobile phones from just been communication tools into service delivery platforms. Again mobile phones and the social network or media are fast spreading especially among the young people across the world. This presents the opportunity to explore how these platforms can help improve health care delivery and information gathering.

This paper therefore aims at exploring how the mobile phones can be used as a platform for community healthcare delivery with respect to healthcare and health information while looking at the social media as source for information gathering.


The role of interaction design in Ghanaian BPM growth

Cleland Henry Nii Odartey

There are a lot of software houses springing up with lots of products, however, these businesses augmentation and improvement technologies like online transaction systems are not being adopted by the Ghanaian industry as one would want. This research seeks to find out the reasons for this case and also find out the role interaction design can play, if there exists any, in the adoption of BPM  intiatives in Ghana.


Code Submission System

Nyomi Kobla Setriakor


The code submission system is a complete online solution for writing and submitting coding assignments. It consists of a web based IDE which can run from within an internet browser and a back end that manages users of the application. The IDE will also give the ability to compile and test code that has been written. Since compilation and testing happens on the server end via Ajax, the user does not need to have JRE or JDK locally installed. This will make it possible to code from anywhere. The application is built on php/Mysql



The Online Driver Information and Enquiry System

Mockey Marie-Stephanie


The Online Driver Information and Enquiry System is a Web application which will enable members of the public, insurance and car rental companies to check a motorist's driving license status. The motorist or vehicle owner will be able to their outstanding traffic summons for offences committed in Ghana and check the updated status of their photocard license.

The implementation of the application will rely on the DVLA’s database management system; a reliable and efficient traffic offense monitoring system and the obtention of a National Identification Card by all Ghanaians living in the country or abroad and all resident non-Ghanaians.


Intuitive interactive representation of economic models

Kanba Daniel Tapang     


The aim of this project is to build an application that serves the purpose of an economic model. The idea behind this is to provide a way to make economic models more intuitive to understand and interactive with. In this case, interface metaphors are used to make the model seem less abstract to the user.


Ensuring Usability and Security in Mobile Payment Applications

Apronti Emmanuel Ofotsu

Usability on mobile phones is often hindered by security and the vice versa. For instance to ensure that a mobile payment process is secure, a user may be asked to authenticate themselves multiple times. Although this may ensure secure transfer of funds, it proves a cumbersome procedure and users may opt for other methods of payment. My thesis is looking at methods by which mobile payment applications can have the best of both worlds--usability and security


M-health for rural communities

Bossman Joseph Odechie

This project seeks to streamline the work efforts between community health nurses and their doctors by developing an application that helps them communicate to and fro via SMS and GPRS. The application will allow nurses to send patient information securely to their assigned doctors. Sensitivity of Data and the security policies that will govern whose and what data can be shared will be implemented by the Health Governing body. This can later be integrated into the application. However the initial application will adopt or model its own security prototype to safe guard the information that will be sent.


Business Intelligence

Sackey Anthony

A database that will help Natural Resources and Development Company Ltd,gather information(data).This data will be structured in a way the which will make searching easy.The structure will also allow,information to be presented in a way that makes it easy to analyse,which will essentially make employees of Natural Resources and Development Company make well informed decision concerning their business processes.


Church Administration and  Accounting Application

Leslie Salami

Churchware is a church administration software that provides services such as membership management, payroll system, online magazine and accounting.


The CorrectWriters' System


Edwin Acquah

The HelpWriters System is a computerized, web-based, asynchronous tool that facilitates supportive critical feedback of written work produced by student authors, reviewed by (possibly remote) reviewers, with the process typically guided by an educator guide. It is a tool through which constructive feedback can be given to students to enhance their writing skills. It is a project that will use technology to allow writers, say Ghanaian secondary students, to have their work rubric-evaluated by volunteers, say folks from the US or UK, or Ashesi students.  The reason that I am excited about this project is the potential to help students in Ghana improve their English writing skills

to promote programs that will help more and more Ghanaian secondary school students get their writing skills (arguably math also, although that's not for this project)) up to where they need to be in order to be successful at Ashesi, and for Ashesi to be able to take them even further along their own development path in this area.


Online Interbank Funds Transfer System

Asante Francis

This research explores the technical feasibility and some non-technical factors, of providing a gateway to enable funds transfer among different banks in Ghana through the internet. A resulting prototype is developed to show the proof of concept and consists of a core switching engine, for switching transaction messages through the use of standardized protocols, and a web front-end to demonstrate how the system can be used as part of an internet banking service.


Impact of Computing Technology on Child Welfare

Ashie-Winns Lena

The aim of my thesis is to find out if computers are used to help in the running of orphanages, will it make an impact or not. Also, I am linking it to the Department of Social Welfare(DSW), Ghana. The main role is ensure that the standards for operating an orphanage is being met. Therefore I will create a simple web page for the orphanage and DSW. This will enable DSW to have a list of orphanages who are registered as well as other important details and also the orphanage can have all their data stored in one place (that will be on a computer and or a network).