Senior Lecturer
Business Administration Department
  • Ph.D. Building Technology (Construction Project Resource Management), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.
  • Bachelor of Science, Building Technology, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana 

Teaching Statement

“Nea onnim no sua a, ohu” …meaning "He who has no knowledge can gain knowledge by learning"

Every student comes into class, with their own unique sets of knowledge, experiences and exposure to help them internalize all that is discussed. My duty as a teacher, is to understand exactly what a student brings to the classroom. And then to do any or all of the following; to guide them to channel it properly, to prune it where necessary and ultimately to enhance their knowledge and skill base. All of this is in an effort to contribute towards their total development.

I believe that there is a lot of my own learning that my students hold the key to unlocking. I see my students as junior colleagues, and work hard at developing healthy and intellectually stimulated relationships with them. In all of this, I ensure that my students and I do not compromise on discipline, and further identify mutually satisfying principles that will guide these relationships. With each of them, I have and share a special relationship, unique to them only, because they are each very unique people.

At the end of every teaching session, my objective is that my students should have had the opportunity to engage their critical thinking, creative and analytical faculties, as well as developed skills to enhance future career opportunities. I believe in active and experiential learning, centred on the learner, and hinged on research.

Ultimately, I love for my students to have a fun learning experience in my classes. By combining different methods of teaching and assessing, I am able to offer majority of my students, a learning experience that is fun yet educative, and most importantly, one that future occurrences in their lives will remind them of.

Courses currently being taught at Ashesi:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate Development


Research Statement

Research should be targeted at stakeholders in both academia and industry to bridge the gap between the two divides. Post PhD, I have conducted both independent and collaborative research activities, which have been published at various peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed outlets in a journal, as well as both academic and industry conferences and workshops.

One other way I have attempted to address this widening gap between academia and industry, has been by collaborating in research efforts with professionals in industry. In this same vain, I co-founded the West African Built Environment Research (WABER) Conference which is making good strides - even after my exit in 2015 - in bridging this gap within the built environment.

I look for research opportunities in my every day teaching and non-teaching activities, as well as on projects that I work. Having had the opportunity and privilege to design a number of courses and programmes, I have developed an interest in writing on pedagogy and general teaching and training. I am also interested in situational motivation of students. I am additionally of the opinion that, instructors need to help their students develop research and analytical skills by engaging in research activities with them. To that end, I have thus published with some of my past students and faculty assistants.

To satisfy capstone and other research requirements, my position is that, students need to be guided by teachers to choose and develop research areas both parties find interesting. This allows for good quality research born out of effective and efficient supervision.


Research Interests

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate Development
  • Construction Project Management
  • Dispute and Conflict Management


Currently I am a member of 3 research teams:

  • The Berekuso Impact Study team, which is looking into the impact of the University on the Berekuso community and its surrounding communities.
  • The Business Administration Case Writing team, which is developing local teaching cases to aid teaching and learning.
  • The MASO Business Academy Research Team, which seeks to assess the impact of the MASO Business Academy curriculum developed by Ashesi, and researching on opportunities in the operational areas.



Book & Book Chapter:

  • Laryea S., Agyepong S., Leiringer R. and Hughes W. (2012) Construction in West Africa. WABER Conference, Accra (ISBN-978-0-9566060-3-7)
  • Ankrah N. A., Agyepong S. and Ahadzie D (2012) Role of Human Resources in Construction in West Africa in Laryea S., Agyepong S., Leiringer R. and Hughes W. (2012) Construction in West Africa. WABER Conference, Accra (ISBN-978-0-9566060-3-7)


Journal Article:

  • Awuah, R, Douglass, R, Agyepong, S, Kuwornu, E.  An Adaptive Household Sampling Method for Rural African Communities.  Manuscript under review with the African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND) since August 2016.


Peer Reviewed Conference Papers:

  • Agyepong, S. A., Spio A. E., Dzanie, T. And Salihu, O. (2016) Can Africa Innovate Education? Developing an Innovative Course in Design and Entrepreneurship for an African University. International Conference on Education, Development and Innovation. 29-31 August, 2016. Tang Palace Hotel, Accra-Ghana
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  • (
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Non-Peer Reviewed Conference Papers

  • Agyepong, S. A. and Banful K (2016) Transforming High School Students using Entrepreneurial Education as a tool for Problem Solving at the Ashesi Innovation Experience. Second International Conference on Education Research for Development in Africa (ICERDA). Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, Accra, Ghana. 3rd – 5th October 2016. 
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Professional Seminar Papers

  • Agyepong S. A. (2016) Managing Different Approaches in Negotiation Situations. PMI-Ghana Chapter (PMI-Gh) Chapter Meeting. 30th September -2016.
  • Agyepong S. A (2015) Finding Yourself in the Maze of Life. PMI-Ghana Chapter (PMI-Gh) Panel Discussion for Graduate Students at Pentecost University College (PUC) in fulfilment of an MOU between PMI-Gh and PUC to share Project Management knowledge at the PUC Graduate School, Kama Plaza, Labone, Accra.
  • Agyepong S. A (2013) Creativity in Project Management. PMI-Ghana Charter Meeting, August 2013. Accra 30 August 2013 
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Feature Articles

  • Agyepong S. A. (2012) Are the Classifications for Contractors operating in Ghana Accurate? The Quantity Surveyor. Issue 1, June 2012
  • Agbodjah L. S. (2009) Conflict Management within Large (D1/K1) Construction Companies operating in Ghana. The Quantity Surveyor. Issue 1, January-June 2009    
  • Agbodjah L. S. (2008) A People Management Policy Development Framework for Large Construction Companies Operating in Ghana. A Feature Article in the Daily Graphic of Thursday August 7th 2008. Page 27


 Thesis Supervised

  • Drivers of Civic Virtue in Ashesi University College Alumni Employed in Ghana. By Amanda Olive Amoah (2016)
  • SME Financing: Crowdfunding VS. Microfinance. By Akosua Matilda Ofeibea Mteyi Dei-Anang (2015)
  • The deterrents of cannabis use among students: a case study of Ashesi University College. By Elikem Hottor (2015)
  • Assessing the viability of recruitment agencies in Ghana: The case of Ghana club 100 companies. By Akua Asare-Berkoh (2013)
  • An investigation into the existence of a relationship between the age stage demographic and preferences in residential dwelling. By Alexander Wuntah Wuni (2013)
  • Influence of financing methods on the value of commercial properties; a case of airport city. By Tracy Ba-Taa-Banah (2013)
  • Investigating the pricing models used by private real estate developers who own gated-communities in Accra, Ghana use in determining their prices. By Ayesha Dugbarkie Nanor (2012)
  • Investigating the incorporation of Green Design in the real estate development process: A case study of Ashesi University College. By Janice Antoinette Agyemang Yeboah (2012)
  • An assessment of the appropriateness of the property management practices used in the public Urban Roads Sector of Ghana; the case of the Accra Metropolitan Area. By Maame Abena Owusu-Acheaw (2012)
  • An Assessment of the Maintenance Practices of Gated Communities in Accra; A Case of the Ga East District. By Wendy Serwaa Annoh (2012)


Applied Projects Supervised

  • Improving Worker Attitude and Communication amongst Employees at Blue Rose Limited. By Fred Kwaku Asiedu (2014)
  • Organizational restructuring and an enhancement of recruitment and selection procedures at Atala Limited. By Lawrence Asante (2012)
  • Designing an IT Training Model for the usage and adoption of an Intranet and evaluating the existing communication tools for events management in Action Chapel. By Selase M. Dela-Brown (2013) 
  • A Diagnosis on the maintenance system and the designing of a maintenance management system for Ashesi’s hostel and academic facilities. By Sidney Nana Darko Koranteng (2013)