Business Administration Department

• PhD (Economics), University of Sussex
• MSc (International Economics), University of Sussex
• MPhil (Economics), University of Ghana
• BA (Economics with Political Science), University of Ghana

Teaching Statement

Economics is a fun subject and students can find the theory presented in the textbook quite different from reality or practice (and sometimes plain boring!). My approach is to have a number of in-class activities in the form of problem solving, case-studies, economic games/simulations and discussion of news worthy articles on economics. This requires a combination of lectures to teach the principles and theory required and active participation in class discussions by the students to grasp the theory.

One thing I am yet to do but I look forward to introducing in my class is going beyond traditional theory to teach heterodox concepts which challenge the classical view of economics and thereby provide students with an opportunity to question the standard economic theory in textbooks.

Courses Taught:
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and International Trade

Research Statement

I am an economist interested in applied international trade, poverty, inequality, growth and applied econometrics (with a heavy focus on microeconometrics, policy evaluation and some macroeconometric methods). 


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