Student Traditions

Calabash Event 

This is a ceremony introduced in 2014 to welcome the freshmen and congratulate them for being accepted into the Ashesi Community. Executives of the Student Council serve water to the freshmen in calabashes engraved with the Ashesi logo and the freshman class year. This symbolizes the tradition of Ghana and other African countries where hospitality is shown by serving visitors with water to welcome them into people’s homes. The ceremony takes place against a rich backdrop of traditional Ghanaian music (drumming and singing) and dance, coupled with a speech encouraging the freshmen and continuing students to embrace the diversity at Ashesi and take advantage of the opportunities available to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Akwaaba Night 

Each semester kicks off with the biggest social event to welcome the freshmen into Ashesi. Akwaaba Night is a night of socializing, music and entertainment and is the highlight of the freshman orientation week. It brings the entire student community closer by giving freshmen the opportunity to get to know themselves better while interacting with the entire student body.

ASC Week 

Each year, in the spring semester, the ASC dedicates a week to students to celebrate their achievements and contributions to the welfare of Ashesi, and to embrace and expose students to the ideas and concepts of the Council through a string of pleasantly wacky events. Each day of the week is represented by a dressing theme coupled with a flurry of activities relating to the theme for the day. Common themes include Career Day, Alma Mater Day and Crazy Day, which is the highlight of week.

Ashesi Premier League (APL) 

To promote and foster sports on campus, the ASC, in 2011, began Ashesi’s first Soccer League. This tournament is entirely student-run and consists of six registered clubs. The League has the features of an actual Soccer League with exciting pre-match press conferences, a vibrant transfer window and thrilling games played every weekend. The Ashesi Premier League not only aims to contribute to the liveliness of campus life, but also aims to expose students to the various managerial skills and techniques to achieve results through teamwork and leadership.

Ubora Awards 

Introduced in 2010, the Ubora Awards is a ceremony, which seeks to acknowledge students for their achievements in, and contributions to embracing the spirit and qualities of Ashesi. “Ubora” is a Swahili word meaning “Excellence”, hence the event is an electrifying evening of glamour, great music, food and talent, and serves as a platform to exhibit and celebrate the personalities that inspire the Ashesi student body.