For International Students

We are excited that you are considering choosing Ashesi to be your home away from home for the next four years, while you pursue your undergraduate college career. The entire Ashesi community, especially the Office of Diversity and International Programmes, looks forward to giving you the most amazing study abroad experience of your lifetime!

Orientation Programs

On-site orientation
There is a two-fold on-site orientation program at the beginning of each academic year for all international first year and study abroad students; a two day international student orientation and a one week general freshman orientation program. The international student orientation will cover the basics of living and adjusting in Ghana as an international student. ŸIt will cover: 

  • ŸŸŸImmigration requirements and procedures
  • Getting around on public transportation
  • Cross cultural adjustment and strategies to be successful as an international student
  • An Accra city tour (Guided tour of the main central business area of Accra the capital of Ghana, including visits to some historic sites)
  • Introduction to the International Students Association

All international freshmen then join the general freshman orientation program designed to assist students to adjust and familiarise themselves with Ashesi's community, academic work and the various services that run on campus.

International Freshman Mid-Semester Seminar
The International Freshman Mid-Semester Seminar is compulsory for all international freshmen. It is an interactive session held at midpoint of the first fall semester after their arrival at Ashesi to ensure that: they are adjusting well in their new academic and social environment and are enjoying their Ashesi Experience. The seminar is designed to engage students in many activities that will give them the platform to share what is working (and what is not) with other international students like themselves, and explore how they can re-strategize to ensure that they succeed both academically and socially. 

Re-entry Orientation
This program is prepared for all study abroad returnees, including those not from Ashesi, to help them reintegrate to their home campuses and countries upon completion of their study abroad experience. It is designed to help returnees make the best use of their experience as they head back home, and adjust to the sometimes transformative effects of living in a foreign country and reintegrating back in their home cultures, whether in Ghana or abroad.

Study Abroad Programs 

Exchange Programs
Ashesi continues to form partnerships with like-minded institutions which allow students to experience learning in different cultures around the world. Most partner institutions run similar courses as Ashesi, however there may be several variations in the individual partner institutions. Our partnerships also extend to organisations that host global learning events, or provide opportunities for young people around the world to connect with each other for peer learning. Click here for a list of our growing community of study abroad partners.

Independent Student Study Abroad Programs
Students in institutions that Ashesi does not have exchange agreements with but would want to study at Ashesi for a year or semester can also apply to Ashesi directly as study abroad students. These students will be required to meet all Ashesi admission requirements for study abroad students.

General Admission Requirements for Studying Abroad at Ashesi : 

  • A GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Completed Study Abroad Application Form to be submitted by November 1 for the Spring Semester and by March 31 for the Fall Semester.
  • Completed Study Abroad Course Request Form
  • For information about tuition fees, visit the admissions section