The Haas School has presented its 2012 Leading Through Innovation Award to Patrick Awuah, MBA 99. Established in 2009, the award celebrates Haas alumni who have achieved excellence as innovative leaders and who embody the principles of the school's Leading Through Innovation strategy, thus serving as exemplars to others in the Berkeley-Haas community. The recipients are honored at the annual Haas Gala celebration.
Leading through innovation at Ashesi: Patrick Awuah receives Haas School leadership award
(Above: Patrick Awuah with Richard Lyons, Dean of the Haas School, after receiving his award)

Patrick received the award for his bold, innovative leadership in founding Ashesi University, that is educating future ethical, entrepreneurial leaders with the courage to transform Africa. The award comes as Ashesi celebrates its tenth year.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Ashesi co-founder, Nina Marini, who is here with us this evening, and who played such a critical role in the creation of Ashesi University,” Patrick said in his acceptance remarks at the Haas Gala. “Many thanks too, to the International Business Development (IBD) Program for giving us the platform and the space to plan the Ashesi project.”

Patrick Awuah enrolled at Berkeley-Hass after concluding that education was one of the best ways to create change, and turned his idea of a university in Ghana into a project in Haas’ IBD Program. Nina Marini, MBA 99, a member of Patrick's IBD team, was so excited about the project that she changed her career goals and joined in founding Ashesi in 2002.

“My standing here is proof that the Spirit of the Haas Business School is having a ripple effect as far away as Africa,” Patrick added. “Today, Ashesi is a thriving university with nearly 600 students and a beautiful modern campus. Our graduates are starting business, or are helping grow existing businesses and social enterprises in Africa. Ashesi is a promising hub of progress in Africa – and Haas played a key role.”

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