About Estate and Facilities

The Facilities and Operations Department ensures that the University’s facilities are well maintained and are functioning efficiently. The department also provides logistics support to administrators, faculty and students to enhance effective academic and social activities on campus.

Building Services

  • Maintenance: The department oversees regular maintenance activities such as painting, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, electrical and air-conditioning repair. Most maintenance work is outsourced to independent contractors.
  • Utilities: The department is responsible for ensuring continuous power supply through the use of emergency generators that provide power when the electrical grid fails. In addition, the department manages water reservoirs to ensure adequate supply of water on campus.
  • Janitorial Services: Janitorial services are provided by third party contractors and overseen by the department.


The department maintains a motor pool of vehicles to serve the needs of students, faculty and administrators.  The motor pool currently includes a 60-seat touring bus, a 15-seat minibus, two pick-up trucks, two cars, and a motorcycle.

The department runs a regularly scheduled bus shuttle service between student housing and academic buildings, and also makes buses available for co-curricular trips.

Space and Equipment Rental

Our excellent facilities continue to attract individuals and organizations who rent them for accommodation, workshops and seminars during the summer break. For more information contact us.

Report Problems

You are our eyes and ears. If you see something broken or malfunctioning, please report it immediately.


Phone Extension:

Room 105, King Engineering Building

Incident Reports
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