In line with tradition at Ashesi, the Senior Class presents a gift to the university on Commencement Day, as a token of appreciation to the university, and as a commitment to continuing to give back to their alma mater. This year's class presented a gift of GHS3,000 as a donation to the Raymond Agbesi fund.

In 2016, Raymond Agbesi, of the Estate Office at Ashesi, passed on after a short illness. As a father, Raymond had looked forward to his daughter attending Ashesi after high school. In his honour, and to help this dream become a reality, the Ashesi community started a fund to support her daughter through high school.

“Since our freshman year, we have been amazed by the work done in maintaining this campus, particularly by how the Facilities team meticulously carries out their work to keep the campus,” said Marilyn Acolatse ‘17, Senior Class representative. “So this year, as part of our long-standing tradition of graduating classes giving back to Ashesi, we are choosing to honour the memory of Facilities team member, Raymond Agbesi, who could not be here with us today. To Eyram Agbesi, his daughter, we hope you’ll remain inspired to push ahead. We look forward to seeing you sitting in Ashesi’s classroom as a student, and walking across this stage as a graduate. To Ashesi, we thank you for reminding us that when a door is opened for us, it is our responsibility to keep it opened for others to walk through as well.”