Through many contributions to Ashesi University College and academia in general, you have earned the respect of students, faculty, administration, and staff. You have enriched the lives of many by sharing your vast knowledge in academia, social work and gender advocacy.

The University and Foundation Boards, faculty, students, administrators and the entire Ashesi Community commend you for the over ten (10) years of distinguished and outstanding service to Ashesi University College. You first joined Ashesi on 24th August 2001 on part-time basis and became a full-time Dean of Academic Affairs on 3rd November 2003. Though your retirement was due in December 2012, you continued to work tirelessly until a new Provost was appointed. That is the mark of a dedicated person.

Under your leadership, Ashesi’s brand was promoted on both local and international platforms as you shared the Ashesi story at the least opportunity. You established and maintained a strong faculty, mentoring and motivating them to achieve their personal professional goals. Caring, nurturing and inspiring students to be good citizens in our global society were your trademark. Despite heavy administrative duties, you were consistently at the forefront of teaching and reviewing curriculum for our leadership courses and other community engagement efforts.

For your role as an educator, administrator, advisor, and advocate of students, and your exemplary dedication to scholarship, leadership and citizenship, the title of Emerita Professor is herewith conferred upon you.

Dr. Patrick Awuah
Founder and President
27th February 2013