"Can we merge western and non-western ways of knowing?" "Can a teacher move from being a "sage on stage" to actually saying to a student, and meaning it, "you are free to think"?

These questions, asked by Clarence Skip Ellis during his very first lecture at Ashesi in 2012, embodied the teaching philosophy and lessons that he brought to us for the two semesters that he taught here as a Fulbright Professor. We were saddened by news this morning that Skip had passed away. Our thoughts are with his wife, Lynn, and his family.

On his last day at Ashesi, on Thursday 15th May, Skip explained that Ashesi was an extended family for him. He looked forward to returning to Ashesi, and we did too. Skip’s influence on students, staff and faculty is especially felt today; we listened to his imaginative ideas for education; we hopped with him in his traditional folk dancing classes; and we were always touched by his kindness.

From all of us at Ashesi, we share a word of thanks to you, Skip, for the gifts you left with us. You were an amazing man, and a great friend to Ashesi. Click here to leave a tribute for Skip.