Compensation and Benefits

Pay Policy

The university’s pay policy is to recognize the value of each position to the university and pay within the salary range applicable to the job as per the salary structure. In determining an individual’s salary on appointment or at subsequent reviews, no differentiation shall be made on the basis on gender, race, sex, age, etc but on the individual’s capability and value to the job and the university.

Learning and Development

Ashesi University believes in recruiting and retaining excellent talents. In the same way it also believes in investing in people who have the capability and right attitude to grow in the university and offer maximum returns on the investment made in them.

Being a learning environment, there are several resources that employees can use to help in their learning and development activities. For example, all employees are encouraged to access the resources available at the Ashesi Library. As a university we will also assist employees to attain their learning and development potential by offering: on-the-job training, cross-functional/departmental training, mentoring opportunities and other external training resources. For more assistance on this, please contact the Human Resource Office.

Medical Coverage

Ashesi provides a comprehensive medical insurance plan for its employees. This includes coverage for the employee, his/her spouse and up to three legal dependants under the age of 18 years or 21 if still in school. Please visit the University’s Health Care Centre for further information. They also organize periodic health screening services and fitness exercises.

Educational Discount

Employees who have worked with the Ashesi for at least one year shall receive a 90% discount on the total cost of tuition fees for their ward who gain admission to the university. This benefit is for a maximum of three children/wards.

Vacation and Holidays

The university observes all statutory public holidays declared by the Government of Ghana. In addition, we also break from work at the end of the fall semester until the first working day of the New Year. Please refer to the Academic calendar for a list of all holidays.

Employee Awards / Recognition Schemes

Ashesi recognizes the role each employee plays in helping the university to attain its mission and core values of Leadership, Scholarship and Citizenship. However, it also recognizes that at each point in time some employees go beyond the normal limit to offer excellent services to our stakeholders. Therefore it has instituted the following awards to reward excellence:

  • Best Faculty of Department
  • Best Administrator of the Year
  • Long Service Award

Staff/Faculty Retreats

Once every two years, faculty and staff go on a retreat outside the university environment at which we brainstorm and discuss issues of mutual importance. At such retreats we also use it to focus and re-strategize on how to continuously improve our services to our students and other stakeholders.

Report Problems

You are our eyes and ears. If you see something broken or malfunctioning, please report it immediately.


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