The 2010ers made it! It has been four years of intellectual rigor and engagement with society. On Saturday, June 5, 2010, eighty-five students were awarded degrees in Computer Science, Management Information Systems and Business Administration.

President Awuah, in his address to the graduating class, mentioned how far Ashesi had come and how deeply gratified he feels watching the culture of integrity that is developing on campus. He encouraged the students to not to worry about those who insist on maintaining the status quo and who do not fundamentally believe in Africa’s potential, “they argue on the wrong side of history”, he said.

Senior class speaker, Esther Nipaa Osei in highlighting some defining moments of her class's time at Ashesi, stated, "one cannot forget the seemingly endless debate that finally led members of this class to sign unto the honor system; having concluded that the honor system, gives us the chance to act as honorable leaders and to uphold integrity as a banner. It is therefore both ironical and heartbreaking to find our institution being victimized for charting and advocating a path many have failed to tread. It is possible to fight against the stated honour code but in our hearts, no one will ever win the battle against honour."

"We have come from a background that has taught us that it was right to get by and wrong to get caught. However, for us, its time to say enough is enough!", she added emphatically.

President Awuah, in support of the incredible culture of integrity that is developing on campus added, "your alma mater will blossom into a great African university. Your own ethical intelligence will be recognized and rewarded. And the African Renaissance will come to pass."

The Class of 2010 will be remembered for their diversity, academic performance, creative and empathic spirit as well as their leadership potential. Memorable achievements by members of the Class of 2010 include selection for the Goldman Sachs summer internship program, participation in the study abroad program at Babson College in the United States, establishing the campus recycling program and organizing fundraising events to support the Student Endowment Fund.

In addition, the graduates raised $3,216 to support the construction of Ashesi's new campus at Berekuso. The Class of 2010, with eighty-five members, is the largest to have graduated from Ashesi to date.