On July 29th through August 9th, 2010, College for Ama (CofA) held its fourth training camp at the Ashesi. CofA is a non-profit fostering the higher educational achievement of economically deprived rural girls by teaching academic, behavior, health, and creative arts skills.  One CofA girl stated “before CofA I planned to quit school, but now I know education is key to life.” This year twenty six returning CofA girls from the Central and Western Regions prepared for their BECE (Basic Education Certificate) examination.

For nine days the programme focused heavily on Junior High School level Mathematics and English. Community and student volunteers taught additional classes on nutrition, sexual education, computer science, creative arts and self-esteem. Public speaking, peer mentorship, and group work incorporated leadership development into the classes.

At the end of the programme CofA held a ceremony to thank all its major funders, volunteers, and to showcase the girls.

CofA is extremely grateful to the Ashesi and the Ashesi student volunteers. The University donated the use of its hostel, classrooms and bus, supporting 70% of CofA’s costs. Nine Ashesi University students volunteered their time to chaperone, mentor, assist teachers, and help with homework. Additionally, CofA is grateful to Marquis Tanta Marie Restaurant for providing delicious free lunches. Without both these forms of support CoFA’s programme would not be possible. To find out more about CofA, look at our website: http://www.CofA-foundation.org/