Construction progress is continuing on Ashesi's new campus site at Berekuso. The foundations of all of the academic buildings have been completed and the columns which will support upper floors and roof structures are rising from the ground. In the classroom buildings the outlines of the terraced seating arrangement can clearly be seen on the floors. There is a sense of excitement on the construction site as buildings start to take form on the one hundred acre site.

In addition to the foundation, contractors are close to completion on the underground tanks that will store water for the university. The tanks will be fed by a borehole drilled in the valley below and rain gutters that will collect water from the roofs above. Water will be purified at a central location and distributed to all the buildings for use. The combination of rain harvesting gutters and a borehole will ensure there is adequate water supply for our growing campus community.

Below are a few recent pictures from the new campus site.








Click here to view a pdf with more pictures of construction at the new campus site .