Construction on Ashesi's new campus in Berekuso is well underway, with construction companies working to complete excavation of the foundations for the new buildings. Foundations are being dug several meters into the ground in order to make room for large water tanks that will be placed below many of the buildings. The water tanks will allow Ashesi to harvest rainwater from the roof for use by our community. When completed we will have the capacity to store over 3000 gallons of water on campus. Because of the rocky ground and depth of the foundations, heavy machinery has been brought in to help move the earth.

At a recent project team meeting, the leader of Ashesi's consulting team and lead architect, Ralph Sutherland stated, "I believe we are making good progress so far. Construction contractors have been responsive and are on schedule to meet their deadlines." Construction of Ashesi's academic courtyard, including administrative buildings, classrooms, computer labs and library is being undertaken by Kolatcon limited. The new campus hostel facilities are being built by Krane construction limited.