The President and Founder of NAPE Scholarship Scheme, Mr. Peter Carlos Okantey, devoted a few hours of his time to speak to some Ashesi students and faculty about the Importance of Followers in Leadership on Wednesday February 10th, 2010. He educated his audience on the five (5) major styles of leadership, the relationship between leaders and followers, and how to be an effective leader. His presentation was interactive and spurred lively discussions.

Mr. Okantey used practical examples from Ashesi University and from his organization, the NAPE Foundation, to illustrate and emphasize his points on leadership. He revealed that the success of the Foundation was largely due to the support given to him by his committed team and followers. According to Mr. Okantey, in any endeavour, leaders contribute 20% while their followers, responsible for implementing the mission and vision, contribute 80%.

At the end of the event, the audience left with new knowledge of leadership and an appreciation for the significance of followers in an organization.