The African Renaissance Movement’s community service programme is a long-term outreach project which encourages participation from ARM members, Ashesi students and, eventually, students from other tertiary institutions.

Under the programme, students are required to spend a minimum of 1hr 30 mins a week at a government primary school in the local vicinity. The first school selected under the programme was Rangoon Primary & JSS, located behind Ashesi’s Danquah Hostel. Students who participate in the outreach perform a variety of activities, including serving as teaching assistants, marking assignment books, and assisting in the library.

ARM’s community outreach drive was launched in November 2009. The club was convinced that if students were truly interested in improving the lives of children, they would sacrifice the time. When interviewed Steven Odarteifio, a student participating in the programme, mentioned that he considered it a privilege to help someone, even when it was inconvenient for him. He stated that he was glad to have the opportunity to help provide support for students who do not have the same opportunities as he had when he was in primary school.

The headmaster of Rangoon Primary & JSS stated that he was extremely pleased with ARM’s initiative. Thus far, the school has been overwhelmed with support from Ashesi students, for which the headmaster expressed his sincere appreciation.

Should you be interested in participating in community outreach drive, please contact:

Steven Odarteifoi (2012)

Diana Akrong (2012)

Rebecca Inkumsah (2012)