Sylvia Abingya, an 18 year old student in her first year at Ashesi, had harboured a dream to improve and expand her mother’s restaurant for many years. Unfortunately, whenever she brought up her idea, her mother could never be persuaded.

Her chance finally came during the Ghana Fashion week when Sylvia visited the Exopa Burg building. As she explored the building she came across a room marked “Restaurant” but when she tried entering, the door would not budge. Sylvia decided to speak to the owner of the building and, after much convincing, he allowed her to rent the space for her restaurant.

The Exopa Restaurant is located at La, behind the Trade Fair Centre here in Accra. The Exopa Restaurant is on the second floor of the Exopa Burg building. When you walk up the spiral staircase you are met with a wide, spacious terrace which leads into the restaurant’s cosy setting. Dim lights cast a glow over the circular tables, and matching high-backed chairs. The metallic furniture pieces are exquisitely moulded so that each one resembles a human face. Watermelon bowls filled with fruit are placed on each table.

On Friday, the 20th of November, Sylvia opened up the doors of her labour of love with an official launch. The event began shortly before 6pm, with Sylvia ushering in the gathered guests herself. She led the small crowd along a corridor and into a wide open room that had its walls lined with love seats and high chairs. At the far end of the room, a buffet table had been heaped with various dishes and the entire setting was lit with the multicoloured flickering of disco lights.

There was a healthy turnout – a crowd that was made up mostly of first year Ashesi students and Sylvia’s friends and family. Also in attendance were Mr Nunekpeku, Sylvia’s lecturer for statistics and Ashesi Student Council (ASC) Presidential hopefuls, Phoebe Accolatse and Nana Amoah Ofori.