Ashesi’s class of 2009 sets a new job placement record of 98% in exactly three months after graduation. This year we recorded a one percent increment over last year’s placement. Banking & Finance still continues to be the highest industry placement category followed by Marketing which also had an additional feature—electronic marketing.

This year a number of our students were attracted to the Telecom industry making it the third (tie of three industries) on the placement record for class of 2009. The automobile industry also appeared on the placement scene this year taking 4% of our students. About 38% of class 2009 received multiple job offers ranging from two to four. incidentally, students who received multiple job offers were those who had done several internships, community service and class projects. They also were the ones who had a long history of participating in career programs and workshops. The reverse also held true! This year Tigo emerged the best employer of Ashesi graduates.