In early August 2009, the offices of the Dean of Student Affairs and the Career Services of Ashesi organized a two-days workshop for Senior High Schools teachers and administrators in the Greater Accra region. The seminar was intended to inspire educators to implement comprehensive guidance programs in their various institutions and to enhance educational programs in Senior High Schools by providing the tools needed to support students during their secondary school education.

Eleven schools were represented in total; these included Accra Girls’, SOS College, Manhean Senior High, Akosombo International and St. Thomas Aquinas.

The seminar which focused on providing solutions and creative methods for dealing with social issues affecting Senior High Schools in Ghana was the first in a series that highlights three distinct areas, namely—academic, social and career development.

In his welcome address, Ashesi’s President Awuah, mentioned the crucial role teachers play in the shaping of mindsets of their students. He made reference to the book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success written by Carol Dweck and remarked, “Dr. Dweck, in her book, outlines this role in an astonishing way as you’ll come to learn through your discussions and during your time here.”

Carol Dweck discusses in depth the role of the growth and fixed mindsets in her book.

High on the list of topics discussed during the workshop included personality & temperament; family structure/problem behaviors; psychological safety; relationships & sexual behaviors and other external factors. The role-play and practice sessions of the workshop provided a platform for sharing best practices from both participants and facilitators.

Ashesi University, Merchant Bank, Ghana and Legacy&Legacy were the main sponsors of the program.