“What’s happened to the PCs?” “How do I turn this thing on? I can’t find the CPU!” These were just some of the reactions by students and staff when they came to use the the Library computer lab during the long vacation. The secret was soon out, Ashesi has adopted a new technology that links several workstations to a single server or computer. The solution, from NComputing, will help us save power, cut down on maintenance and provide more workstations for our students to use.

Ashesi’s switch to the NComputing solution will enhance the use of untapped computer capacity. PCs used in our world today are so powerful that the vast majority of applications only use a small fraction of the computer's capacity. NComputing allows multiple workstations to share a single processor that unused capacity can be simultaneously shared by multiple users.

In Ashesi’s library computer lab, the bulky CPUs have been replaced by eleven screens, eleven keyboards, eleven mice and a discrete NComputing device at the back of each screen. There is more space on tables for reading and other learning materials. The fewer cables also make the Lab much tidier.

According to Ato Yawson, Ashesi’s IT Manager, “the switch to NComputing is a great addition to Ashesi’s IT infrastructure as it improves computer-to-student ratios without increasing budgets.” Money is saved because we do not need to purchase CPUs, which are among the most expensive parts of a complete desktop. “NComputing provides a rugged, easy to deploy and maintain system for out environment. IT staff have more time to work on other important projects,” he adds.

The Ncomputing virtual desktops were a donated by an Ashesi supporter in the United States who responded to the request from our IT department.