Ashesi University College Senior Nii Ayertei Tetteh has won a scholarship to spend three weeks with Semester at Sea, the premier shipboard program for study abroad. Semester at Sea is a global program that has turned a ship into a university. Housed on the MV Explorer, a 24,000 ton state-of-the- art passenger ship, which accommodates over 600 students and faculty, Semester at Sea sails to ports around the world providing interesting educational experiences to students. Semester at Sea’s mission is to educate individuals for leadership service and success in shaping our interdependent world.

The Semester at Sea program in Ghana is being organized by LandTours Ghana Limited, a private travel company that has been operating in the country for the past decade. LandTours will organize dozens of trips for Semester at Sea students all over Ghana to help them learn more about our rich culture and traditions.

Nii Ayertei will board the Semester at Sea vessel in Morocco and travel down the coast with other students to Ghana. While in Ghana, Nii will serve as an ambassador for his country and help the students from around the world understand more about Ghana’s interesting history and cultures.

Upon receiving the scholarship Nii Ayertei stated, "I am very honored to be chosen to participate in Semester at Sea and look forward to the opportunity to meet students from around the world. I'm sure this trip will broaden my perspective and I hope to be able to share some of the experiences I gain with my friends in Ghana. I am looking forward to representing Ghana and sharing what it is like to be a university student in Africa."