Ashesi enjoys making the most of opportunities to engage students of other universities and the basketball game between Regent University and Ashesi which took place in March was a perfect example. The game took place at the Prisons Court and was a much anticipated chance for Ashesi to stage a comeback. In a previous game that Ashesi had played against Regent at the Dansoman Keep Fit Club Court, Regent University had won by a single point and Ashesi’s team was itching to redeem itself. The game at the Prisons Court began with Regent University dominating the tensed up Ashesi players. By the third quarter, however Ashesi was back in the game with a three point lead. Unfortunately the lead was not long lived; Regent’s team bounced back, to the annoyance of the home team fans. After hours of heated combat, Regent held on to their lead and came out the winner with an impressive ten point lead. Let’s hope the Ashesi team has better luck next time.