The Career Services Department of Ashesi has been blessed yet again with another assiduous and innovative staff member, Mrs. Salome Hammond-Okoh. She is the new Assistant Director for the Career Services Department at Ashesi. Mrs. Hammond-Okoh is introduced by Ronke Nedd, Ashesi’s Director of Human Resources as “someone with years of experience in the areas of counselling and student advising.”

Mrs. Hammond-Okoh earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Concordia College Minnesota, USA where she double majored in Psychology and; Child and Family Studies with a Minor in Sociology. While a student at Concordia, she served as Student Government Commissioner for Organizational Support. Her love for African culture and arts led her to become a founding member of the African Ensemble, a choral group comprising of students from various African Countries. After Concordia, She went on to pursue a Master of Arts Degree in Counselling at St. Edwards University in Texas, USA.

Before joining Ashesi, Mrs. Hammond-Okoh worked as a Student Services Assistant at Austin Community College in Texas, where she supported students from diverse backgrounds with various counselling and advising concerns.

Solome had always hoped to return to Ghana to contribute to Ghana’s educational system and saw working at Ashesi as a great opportunity to make a difference. She specifically sought to work at Ashesi because she believes it is on the road to making a difference in Ghana and on the continent.

Mrs. Hammond-Okoh will be conducting career planning workshops, assisting Ashesi students in establishing realistic career goals and identifying internship opportunities for students. Her varied experiences from her counselling and educational background, combined with a can do attitude, will help her to be an effective staff member. She also hopes to be of help to Ashesi students in various areas apart from career preparation. She “deems it an honour to be in Ashesi.”