It was not on television and it was not stuffy either. It came after 3 weeks of intensive campaigning by candidates and campaign team members. Student e-mails were flooded with campaign messages and posters were clustered everywhere. The Ashesi Student Council Presidential Debate was organized to enable students judge the ideas and ideals of the presidential aspirants.

Students came clad in their supporters' T-shirts and other paraphernalia. The debate was intense and interesting— a real battle of ideas. Everyone was excited, faculty and staff as well. Both candidates did well but if the noise level was anything to go by, one candidate must have done better than the other.

As dusk fell, hungry Labone mosquitoes dared to try and feast on their unwilling hosts– only to be slapped and squashed, adding to noise of the clapping and supportive calls. The MCs were professional, managed to keep their cool and asked their questions in a fair and supportive manner. Did the Presidential debate affect the outcome of the elections?

Romeo Owusu-Aning is the new president of the Ashesi Student Council. Romeo attended St. Augustine’s College before coming to Ashesi. He has supported Ashesi by conducting campus tours during orientation as well as putting together material for the Ashesi website.

Romeo is also the president of the African Renaissance Movement (ARM)—a campus platform that allows students to discuss and share ideas about the way forward for Africa.

Nana Ama Akosah is Chairperson of the Judicial and Electoral Committee (JEC) and will sit on the Ashesi Judicial Council (AJC). Nana Ama, last semester was chosen after a long and rigorous interviewing process to study for a semester at the prestigious Babson College, Boston.

Charles Agyeman Antwi, one of the 2008 Goldman Sachs Spring interns was elected Financial Secretary of the council.

According to the President-elect, Romeo Owusu-Aning, “It’s great to be part of such an incredible team and I look forward to the year ahead.”