On August 18th the Ashesi University community welcomed 98 members of the Class of 2012 to campus. Ashesi starts every academic year with an orientation week for freshman that allows them to get to know their fellow class-mates, learn more about university life and have some fun. The new students were welcomed by faculty, staff, some alumni and continuing students.

We are confident that the class of 2012 is filled with great students and future leaders as we were able to select the best from among 498 applicants this year. Through our financial aid program, nearly $79,000 in grants and loans will be distributed this year to the freshman class, with an average of $3,281 of aid awarded per financial aid recipient. The Class of 2012 is comprised of 46% women and 54% men, and includes international students from Nigeria, United States, South Africa, Guinea and Palestine. The number of senior secondary schools represented among this incoming class is also diverse, with graduates from 37 different schools.

According to Ahmed Moughrabi, he decided to come to Ashesi because of his sister, a student at Ashesi. “I’ve seen my sister positively transformed over the time she’s been here. I want to be different too and I know I will enjoy my stay at Ashesi.”

Diana Dayaka Osei, another member of the Class of 2012, wants to be an IT expert and believes an Ashesi education will expose her to the courses in technology she will need to be successful. “I was able to enroll at Ashesi because of the very generous financial aid program. I expect to develop my skills as a person over the next four years. I know it’s going to be challenging but I am up to the task. I am pretty excited, actually.”