On Tuesday 5th February, 2008, Kwaku Sintim-Misa, alias KSM, one of Africa’s greatest stage sensations was in Ashesi to speak about “unlocking the job market." This programme was organized by Ashesi University’s Career Service Center to give students an insight into job search and the job market. His visit brought a lot of enthusiasm on campus. Students were eager to hear the ideas of the "King of comedy” on how to unlock the job market. The audience composed of the student body, members of staff and faculty.

In his presentation, K.S.M. emphasized the need for students to start networking with professionals in the industry they want to work in. He however added that networking alone is not enough. One will have to prove herself/himself on the job. He also emphasized the need to persevere. For KSM perseverance (which he also dubbed as ‘STICKITUITY’) is key to success because with it comes one’s preparedness to learn from failures in order to succeed. He also added that students should be creative when writing their cover letters and avoid phrases which have become clichés like “I wish to apply.” He advised that CV’s and application letters must be simple, targeted and contain experiences which are relevant to the company one is applying to.

The last part of the talk was an interactive session, where K.S.M picked students’ minds on what constitutes a good application letter, curriculum vitae and interview skills. It all ended nicely with K.S.M answering questions from students. Kwaku Sintim-Misa made a substantial impact on the student body, especially the final year students who are preparing to enter the job market.