From January 31 - February 7 this year, Talent Development Manager for Microsoft IT, Melerick “Mel” Mitchell conducted a series of workshops for students, faculty, administrators and alumni. In his first workshop, “Careers in IT”, Mel stressed the need for participants to stay abreast with new trends in their chosen areas while looking at the big picture.

Participants discussed the challenges of product development within Africa and brainstormed ways to better market ideas and materials to a global market. The workshop focused on career development and the tools needed to survive in the business world.

Workshop 2, “Driving your influence in an organization” was the most popular of the Mitchell Workshops. This workshop looked at influence from the perspective of generating ideas, taking initiative, working in teams and the expanding one’s network. According to Ms. Araba Amuasi, “Workshop 2 was fantastic. Mr. Mitchell was on point and examples were relevant. He also connected greatly with the audience. He had us all paying attention for the whole two hour session!”

Melerick “Mel” Mitchell has been working with Microsoft for seven years. As the Talent Development Consultant Mel manages the Microsoft IT Talent Development Program which focuses on developing the next generation of leaders for Microsoft IT. In his current role Mel developed the Microsoft IT Accelerated Professional Experiences Program (APEX). APEX is a two year job rotation program for the top college graduates entering IT all candidates in the APEX participate in four job rotations and receive additional training to enhance their technical, business, and leadership skills.

“I look forward to coming back to Ashesi as well as telling my friends about this experience called Ashesi. The students here are bright and the faculty and staff body incredibly dedicated to what they do. It’s inspirational.” Mel tells of his Ashesi experience.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Mel Mitchell worked as an electrical engineer for several companies. Mel holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology from Louisiana Tech University and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.