On Thursday April 5th 2007, the Africa Renaissance Movement (ARM) hosted a seminar entitled “How the Youth of Africa Can Make It” as part of celebrations to mark the student organization's 3rd anniversary. The program was intended to invigorate and instill the passion of creativity in Africa’s youth. The event included a speech by Chief Momodu, Dele, publisher of Ovation Magazine and a performance by the James Town cultural troupe, Jay-Nii.

The guest speaker, Chief Momodu Dele, recounted his experience as journalist and a business man. In his speech, Chief Dele told of his journey to become a successful publisher and entrepreneur. Forced into exile, Chief Dele created Ovation Magazine. The magazine today has a circulation of over 150,000 across three continents and has offices in the UK, Nigeria, Ghana and the United States. Weaving fascinating tales with sound advice, Chief Dele concluded that his success could be attributed to perseverance, courage, determination, passion and honesty. From his perspective, “Challenge is a catalyst for success” and he encouraged students to find their passion and pursue it relentlessly.