On June 23, when it is time for the nearly 2,000 family, friends and guests to hear the graduating class’ story at Commencement 2018, Business Administration major, Bryan Achiampong ‘18 will take the stage.

While at Ashesi, as an active member of the debate team, Bryan had the opportunity to address different kinds and sizes of audiences However, for him, nothing in his young journey comes close to speaking at Commencement.

“Being chosen by my class as the Valedictorian, was a heartfelt moment,” he said. “In my 4 years at Ashesi I have spoken on both local and international platforms on a variety of topics, but being chosen to speak on behalf of those I have shared this journey with, is incomparable to any of those moments. It is a milestone I will cherish for a lifetime.” 

The third of his siblings to graduate from Ashesi, Bryan had his sights set on the university long before he applied to college. 


“It almost feels like a rite of passage, and I am proud to finally be a part of that legacy just as my brother and sister before me,” he said. “Personally, I look forward to being part of a generational shift that will impact the continent, and where better to start than an institution that shares the same values. For me, an Ashesi education means I can actualize my potential and interest, well equipped with the knowledge and experiences gained over the four-year period, to hopefully leave the world a better place than I found it.”

In addition to being a member of the debate team, Bryan also served on the Ashesi Student Council as the Head of the Public Relations Committee, dabbled in modeling, and also played an active role on the school’s basketball team. Like most of his mates, his Ashesi journey was unique, and in his speech, he hopes to tie all these experiences together in one story.


“My speech will be centered on the significance of the choices in our lives and in the world,” he explained. “A quote from the missionary Lillian Dickson is a significant part of this message, Life is like a coin. You can spend it on anything you wish but you can only spend it once. I'll touch on the power of choices to influence the trajectory of our lives, drawing from our collective experiences here at Ashesi. Essentially, the gift of tomorrow is the present we wrap in the past. So for each moment we are alive, we should spend the value of our talents to better the world today, so we can wake up to a better world tomorrow.”

After Ashesi, Bryan is keen on kick-starting a number of projects, including continue working on his final Entrepreneurship Capstone project - developing the idea of a fashion house into an full-fledged venture.


“I hope to create some ripples in branding and fashion industry in Africa and globally, through customer-centric design and marketing, showing a new brand of African culture,” he says. “I also plan to pursue entrepreneurial projects in the hospitality industry which I am passionate about, and to continue to mentor and guide younger people actualize their dreams, as I have. From Ashesi, to the world!”