Dr Andres M. Gramajo is a visiting lecturer at Ashesi University who is teaching Economic Development and Macroeconomics. Andres is from Guatemala and is in Africa for his second time. He visited Botswana on a two-month research program in 2004.

Having been to Botswana he knew what to expect in Ghana, but he states that Ghana surprised him in two ways: it was hotter than expected and the friendliness of the people was a culture shock to him. “I am still recovering from this shock,” he says.

Dr. Gramajo earned his undergraduate degree in Economics at Fransisco Maroquin University in Guatemala. After graduation, he worked as a credit analyst in a Guatemalan bank. He received his PhD in Economics at George Mason University in Virginia, USA. During his studies Dr. Gramajo conducted research on rural development in the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Dr. Gramajo first heard about Ashesi while doing research in Colombia, where in an internet café he read a National Public Radio article about Ashesi. He thought: “it would be nice to be part Patrick’s project.” He sees a lot of economic and social potential in Ghana, “this is probably the country with most potential in Sub-Saharan Africa, given its geographic position and political stability,” he claims.

Dr. Gramajo’s mission at Ashesi is to motivate students and create curiosity about Africa’s problems using examples from other countries around the world. Asked what he feels he has brought to Ashesi, he replies, “knowledge of economics, education.” He plans to share his experiences with the students at Ashesi and to show them how others [outside Africa] see the world.

His favourite past times include watching independent movies, playing chess, running, reading, and hanging out with friends.