August 24, 2017, Coconut Grove Hotel, Accra – As part of its corporate social responsibility, Landtours Ghana Limited made a donation of $10,000 to Ashesi University College. Chief Executive Officer of Landtours, Mona Boyd, made the presentation on behalf of the local destination management company, to help support Ashesi's mission across Africa.

“The directors of Landtours recognise that the tourism industry cannot flourish if Ghana does not have a well-trained work force with the necessary skills to perform 21st century jobs,” she said. “The company has been successful in finding talented candidates from Ashesi, and indeed Landtours has employed many Ashesi graduates who have all played important roles in building management structures, designing creative and innovative travel experiences as well as maintaining and raising service standards for the company. Undoubtedly, Ashesi is answering the call to provide highly skilled manpower across all industries in Ghana. The donation comes as part of Landtours' commitment to giving back to the community and also reflects our support of Ashesi’s mission to train graduates who possess impeccable integrity, leadership ability and to equip them with industry-relevant skills necessary for Ghana to reach its current and future developmental goals.

Over the years, Landtours, leaders in the Ghanaian tourism industry, has been the recipient of many prestigious awards in the travel and tourism industry, both in Ghana and abroad. Through a diverse range of tour packages that highlight nature and culture, the company has promoted environmental sustainability, fostered cultural exchanges and encouraged relationship building between Ghanaian communities, and communities abroad.

Receiving the gift on behalf of Ashesi, was Dr. Patrick Awuah, who expressed appreciation for the donation.

“One of the things we’ve been working at, is to get Ghanaian companies supporting Ashesi's work," he said. "So it’s gratifying to see you add LandTours to the group of companies already doing so. It sends a great message to our community, sets a great example for our students, and sends a message that we’re all behind them.