In collaboration with the TechBridgeWorld initiative at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute, Ashesi is undertaking a new course in robotics. The first of its kind in a Ghanaian university, this course teaches students how to solve problems using artificial intelligence. According to Dr. Nathan Amanquah, head of the Ashesi Computer Science Department, “the course will challenge students to think creatively and teach them to integrate diverse areas of knowledge such as Computer Science, Design, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Math to create innovative systems.” Dr. Amanquah hopes the new Robotics course will expand students’ perspectives of what they can accomplish with Computer Science. Ashesi hopes to continue to offer Robotics as a regular course in years to come.

The course is co-taught by faculty from Ashesi and Carnegie Mellon University, and will challenge students to undertake diverse activities such as building robots, programming, and interpreting and writing technical research papers.

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