Following the signing of a memorandum of understanding in 2015, Ashesi and College of Wooster, Ohio, have built a partnership aimed at fostering mutually beneficial exchange programs between both institutions.

As part of the relationship, students and faculty benefit from a bi-lateral exchange program, training programs and workshops that will allow both institutions to learn from each other.

One of such programs, a Faculty Research Training workshop organized at Ashesi and led by Wooster faculty enabled faculty from Wooster, a leader in mentored undergraduate research, share teaching philosophies and lessons on structuring academic and research programs.

“Wooster has a long experience in doing mentored undergraduate research, and the opportunity to share tools and improve our program is always a welcomed gesture,” said Heather Fitzgibons, Dean for Faculty Development; Professor of Sociology and Anthropology and Urban Studies at Wooster. “Such experiences like the workshop have helped us understand Ashesi better. Through this, we share issues, problems and perspectives, and learn a lot from each other.”

Over the past year, students from both institutions have also had the opportunity to spend time studying at the other college. For Wooster sophomore, Cornelius Gyamfi, coming from a Ghanaian background, studying abroad at Ashesi has been an experience of growth.

“Coming from a Ghanaian background and my desired career goals, I realized that this would give me the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with different people across the African continent looking to make a change in their respective countries,” he said. Studying at Ashesi would also allow me to re-immerse myself into my own culture in which I'd been out of touch with. I had my own presumptions prior to arriving at Ashesi and I've been surprised by the amount of resources and tools available to students to work with on its state of the art campus.”

As part of the partnership students from Ashesi also take advantage of the opportunity to participate in Wooster’s Applied Methods and Research Experience (AMRE), a summer program designed to give students from The College of Wooster experience in the practical applications of mathematics and computer science which the classroom cannot provide.

For eight weeks during the long break, selected Ashesi students join Wooster students and faculty advisors working at a local business, industry or agency, picking up real-world experience.

“The opportunity to engage with and learn from colleagues from Wooster is indeed an exciting one,” remarked Anthony Ebo Spio, Head of Business Administration Department. “Our faculty, students and theirs as well stand to benefit from a unique exchange of ideas, culture and experiences.”