November 22, 2016 - Philip Liverpool, Commercial Director at Kosmos Energy Ghana was at Ashesi to speak on the local oil and gas industry. Drawing on several years of experience in the industry, Mr. Liverpool touched on the value of ethics in the corporate world.

"When you talk about ethics in our environment, it goes beyond not stealing from the petty cash," he said.  "It’s about people’s lives, about having respect and about the confidence that you can actually count on somebody who is out there. When given proportionate influence, it should not be used lightly."

Through speaking on the importance of good decision-making, particularly, surrounding national policy, Mr. Liverpool further touched on creating an impactful career path.

"We need better decision making on all levels," he explained. "The potential contributions from oil and gas is tremendous, however, achieving huge returns as a nation is based on the efficiency of our government in capturing its share of revenues. There’s no reason why our government should not be building a profitable revenue base from the industry. While corporate entities profit from our oil and gas industry, it is important that we have a successful corporate citizen that will be able to generate the social services that we need."