Ashesi organized a day’s seminar on the theme “Discovering Your Career Path” for five second cycle institutions in the Central Region. The seminar was to prepare the students for choosing a career path as they got ready to enter the university.

The speakers at the seminar were Dr. Patrick Awuah, the President of Ashesi University, Ms. Adelaide Ahwireng, Managing Director of FIO Enterprises, Linda Fiah, a final year Business Administration major at Ashesi University and Derrydean Dadzie, a third year Computer Science major of Ashesi University.

The speakers in addressing the theme of the seminar said there was a difference between a job and a career. A career is something that can be discovered through active involvement in extra curricular activities, pursuance of ones passion and vision coupled with hard work and perseverance. These activities unearth certain hidden talents and skills within a person. It is important to strive for excellence and to be determined to gain success from scratch. The speakers agreed that success is not the availability of money but the ability to affect another person’s life. The seminar came to an end on this food for thought from Dr Patrick Awuah; “a good career is trying to live a most excellent life. Your integrity, competence, persistence and passion is all about leading a most excellent life”.

The students expressed their gratitude and satisfaction for the seminar since it provided answers to some of their nagging concerns about their choice of future careers.