Her Excellency, Mary Carlin Yates, United States Ambassador to Ghana, paid an informal visit to Ashesi University. Her visit caused a great deal of excitement on campus, and was largely interpreted by the Ashesi community as a reflection of our institution's growing reputation. The US Ambassador's visit came on the heels of Ashesi's approval for participation in the prestigious Fulbright Program. During her visit, the ambassador had the opportunity to speak with students, faculty and administrators at Ashesi University. She also took a brief tour of campus. She was accompanied by her husband, John Yates (retired US ambassador), David Queen, Director for Cultural Affairs, and Nii Sarpei Nunoo, Assistant for Cultural Affairs.

Ambassador Mary Yates expressed great admiration for Ashesi's progress to date, and predicted that Ashesi graduates would be in high demand for employment opportunities, not only in corporate Ghana, but also at international development agencies and diplomatic missions operating in Ghana. She pledged to work with Ashesi University on key issues to promote excellence in education in Ghana.

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