December 20, 2015 - For one last time this year, Ashesi staff and faculty came together; this time not to work, but to celebrate and pat one another on the back for a good year. It was also an opportunity to recognize long serving members of the community. Unlike most years where the end-of-year get-together was held on campus, members gathered at the Chartered Institute of Bankers Hall in Accra, effectively abandoning any signs or inclination of work in Berekuso.

“This year we wanted things to be slightly different so we moved it off campus,” said Aba Kaadze Enyimayew, Human Resource Manager. “We wanted people to be relaxed and be off work mode. It was also a special one because for the first time in our history, we have two retirees.”

After addresses from members of the Executive Team to summarize the year’s activities, awards were presented to some members of the staff and faculty for their long service to the institution. Gloria Okwei (IT), Anthony Ebow Spio (Business Administration), Kenneth Kwame Amofah (Operations), Dr. Lloyd Adu Amoah (Arts and Sciences), Dinah Koteikor Baidoo (Library) and Kajsa Hallberg Adu (Arts and Sciences) were awarded for five years of service to the community. Theophilus Walter Hiametu (Operations) and Suala Mohammed (Operations) were also awarded for ten years of service.

Nina Chachu, Head Librarian and Mr. Adjei Boye, both retirees, were awarded for their service to the community, to a loud ovation from all.


Dr. Patrick Awuah who presented the awards expressed his gratitude to the staff and faculty, and reminded them of the importance of their contribution to the community. “It’s not just about rewarding those who have served for five or ten years,” he said, “It’s about taking the time to acknowledge all of you for helping to run the university. When the air conditioners work all the time, or the water flows when you turn on the tap, it is easy to take these things for granted. However, it is a result of the hard work you put in."

Following the awards, the rest of the night was all dance and fun!

“I did not expect to have as much fun as I did,” said Nana Ama Entsie of Academic Affairs Department. “It was great to see others also have fun and get loose. The food and cocktails were also great. All in all, I was inspired by the people who have served at Ashesi all this while. Even though I have been here for less than a year, I definitely feel like I’ve been part of the family for a lot longer.”