Gautam Venkatesan contacted Ashesi looking for ways he could help after reading an article about Patrick Awuah in the Seattle Times. Gautam has been one of our longest-standing volunteers and has helped us complete a wide variety of projects. Gautam graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy high school and Stanford University with an undergraduate degree in Economics. He currently is working in Sales at Hewlett Packard in Colorado and stays in touch via email.

In his own words:

"I believe that the creation of a strong university system in Africa is of the highest priorities in the struggle for development. Universities incubate ideas as well as leaders. Both are indispensable in promoting the advancement of a country and a continent. I was drawn to a volunteering opportunity at Ashesi in the hope of making my contribution to helping Ashesi and Africa meet its promise.

In the volunteering assignments I was given, I had the opportunity to learn in greater detail about the corporations, nonprofit organizations and public institutions that have the greatest influence on Ghana. The research that I have been involved in and colleagues I have worked with have provided me an invaluable experience. Volunteering at Ashesi has empowered me to see into the country and school in ways that one would be unable otherwise. The purpose, service and value of Ashesi will indelibly leave its print on Ghana and Africa. Volunteering at Ashesi has allowed me to make contributions towards building the vital and enduring infrastructure that Ashesi is so vibrantly beginning to lead."