The last day of orientation week for the April Class of 2007 was set aside as a fun day for the freshmen after having had to sit through four days of 'lectures' on everything from Ashesi rules and regulations to HIV AIDS. The agenda that Friday centered on presentations from representatives of the various Ashesi student clubs and a barbeque lunch to which the entire Ashesi community had been invited. The highlight of the lunch was the presentation of the Meagasa Award for Excellence in Calculus; an award instituted by Professor Sitsofe Anku, an Ashesi Math Professor through his Meagasa Education Foundation, to the best student in calculus.

This was the first award of any kind to be instituted in Ashesi and this marked the first time it was being given. Everyone was abuzz with excitement as to who was going to be the recipient; those in the Class of 2006 though seemed to think they had a pretty good idea who it was going to be. The music was turned down and everyone waited to hear Professor Anku call out the name. . . . "and the winner is Henry Sampson - Class of 2006."

Congratulations Henry and thank you Meagasa for blazing this trail; we hope this is just the first of many awards to come.