On January 15th, Tom Campbell, Dean of the Haas School of Business and former U.S. Congressman, spoke on behalf of Ashesi University at a lunch held a the Wild Ginger restaurant in downtown Seattle. Dean Campbell, who served as a lecturer at Ashesi during the summer of 2003, spoke about his experience teaching in Ghana. Dean Campbell required each his students to spend at least one hour with him outside the classroom during the quarter. Through this requirement he stated that he "had the opportunity to learn something from each of the students." He described Ashesi's student population as being very diverse, with representatives from different countries, as well as religious and economic backgrounds. He commented that the student's enthusiasm and drive was inspiring and that he sees the possibility for a bright future in Ghana. He told Ashesi supporters that the Ghanaian government is taking the right steps to open the country to more international investment and is working to reduce international debt. He believes that Ashesi's curriculum is preparing Ashesi students to be leaders in Ghana's future, and hopes to see some of his students as members of Parliament or even President someday.