Swarthmore Engineering Professor Fred Orthlieb and Alumnus Nii Addy spearheaded a campaign to bring resources from the Corporate Design Foundation (CDF) to Ashesi University. A group of Ghanaian Swarthmore Alumni, some of whom were classmates of President Awuah, contributed funds to help Ashesi University become a permanent member of CDF. Benefits of membership in CDF include access to teaching case studies, selected new books about design in business, and to the Design journal @ISSUE. These resources will increase the breadth and depth of topics that are covered in Ashesi's design courses. CDF partnered with Ghanaian Swarthmore alumni in bringing these resources to Ashesi by reducing the fee to join and waiving annual membership dues. Together, these supporters are helping ensure Ashesi's design curriculum stays current with access to the latest trends in design, and the Ashesi community thanks these donors for their efforts.

Ashesi University welcomes projects like these in which groups work together to bring needed resources, such as library materials or computing equipment, to our growing University. Please contact us at foundation@ashesi.org if you have ideas of ways your organization can build the resources of Ashesi University. Don't forget to check the Friends and Donors section for more ways to help Ashesi.