An Academic Advisor will assist students with choosing classes, determining their strengths, selecting majors. To ensure that students are progressing towards their goals. The Academic Advisor will communicate regularly with students, maintain records of their performance, and intervene if declines in grades or attendance occur.

Reports to: Director of Coaching and Counseling


  • Help students define and develop realistic educational career plans through schedule planning for each semester. Each student should have an up-to-date academic schedule plan through to graduation.
  • Meet with advisee during orientation to assist student with initial adjustment to university academic life.  Special sessions should be scheduled throughout the first academic year (Freshmen advisees).
  • Meet at least once each semester with continuing students to plan for the coming semester (or summer) and to review/revise long range academic program schedules (For continuing advisees).
  • Monitor progress toward educational/career goals and meet at least once each semester to review the progress toward completing the proposed academic program and to discuss grades and other performance indicators.
  • Follow-up with the advisee on any report of unsatisfactory work (notice of academic warning or probation for poor attendance, failing grades, incomplete grades from past semester(s), etc.).  Special attention should be paid to students who are placed on academic probation.
  • Approve all designated educational transactions (e.g., pre-registration/registration schedule, drops/adds, withdrawals, change of major and advisor, waivers, graduation requirements, etc.).
  • Maintain an up-to-date Advising Portfolio, with a summary record of performance to date (grade reports, transcript, requirements completed, etc.).
  • Inform and if necessary, refer students to the counselling department when academic, attitudinal, attendance, or other personal problems require intervention by other professionals.
  • Proactively contact and be available for student advisees on a regular basis. Office hours should be posted on the advisor’s office door and preferably given to the advisee early in the semester. Advisors should plan for extended hours during pre-registration advising.
  • Liaise and consult regularly with Faculty/ Faculty Interns to have up-to-date information; and streamline academic advising process between continued students and faculty.

Academic Advisor Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree related to education; master’s degree preferred.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Ability to maintain accurate and updated records concerning student performance.
  • Understanding of institutional policies, procedures, and resources.
  • A desire to help students in their academic journey, from enrollment to graduation.

Application Process

Interested persons should send an email including the following to