When Ashesi went offline: What happened, and lessons learned

Last week, we experienced some technical challenges at Ashesi, that resulted in us losing Internet connectivity on campus. If you tried reaching out to Ashesi for information over the past ten days, and had no success, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience, and frustration this may have caused. What caused this disconnect, and what have we learned from it?

The outage happened during a heavy thunderstorm in Berekuso, where we are located. We usually experience thunderstorms without any incident, but this time our Internet radio equipment got damaged, forcing us offline and disconnecting all our servers and phone lines from the world.

Unfortunately, our Internet provider was unable to replace the equipment in a timely manner. When we realised that we may be disconnected for longer than was excusable, we subscribed to a second internet service provider. Over the past week, without going into technical details, we have been working with our new provider to get our campus back online.

We are happy to mention that we are now back online, and we look forward to hearing from you. If you have tried reaching us this past week, please resend your correspondence.

We have learned some important lessons about staying accessible during unexpected outages, and are taking steps to ensure that this is not repeated.

Best regards, From all of us here at Ashesi